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+ So haters get out. Most of my ships are lesbian or gay, so please no hate. The one that I ship the most is Cerise the werewolf and Raven Queen. So yeah that's about all for my blog I hope you like it see yah.
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"Hello I'm Cerise Hood.. And this is my story.. I have a complicated past and would rather not speak of it. I have a new partner in crime his name is Cyrus he's my better half as I like to call him now. I don't know what I've been doing before all this happened.. But now I know that I must find who I am.. What my story is and what has been set in stone for me. With the help of Cyrus I believe this is possible now tell me. What is your story?"
"I'm Cyrus Hood 17 years old and the better half of Cerise's personality. This was never meant to happen and she really wished that I left forever but I have to keep her in check as she goes on this journey.. After all she's the other side of me and we couldn't be here without each other. I have powers just as her but mind aren't as "complex". Cerise has a great heart and mind.. Like I always tell her "Sometimes you just have to put your heart out and see where it takes you."
Cerise is owned by a company called Mattel is is part of there story called Ever After high. I took this character and added a new story to it. Making her more like myself. Cyrus is the boy version of her. With the same story.
Cerise is part wolf and doesn’t remember anything about either of her parents. And Evil Queen placed a spell on her that she now has magical powers that can help her throughout life. She doesn’t know how to work them and has to learn throughout the course of the story. She can create glowing orbs and transport to other worlds where she can also make herself look like the people of that world. She is 16 when the story begins as she is in high school at monster high. She leaves soon after to find her true destiny and who she was meant to be. A wolf or a human or now a wizard because of her newfound powers. Cerise is dating Malchior though it has nothing to do withe the original EAH storyline or my storyline more like just background. Cyrus comes later when she learns that she can split her dialing personalities apart. Her guy side ( Cyrus gay kind powerful smart) from her own visions. She doesn’t always plan things out and try’s to get Cyrus to go away forever. She learns though that she needs him to help guild her in finding who she truly is and the extent of her powers. The ending has not been planned yet but this is pretty much the whole story and set plan. She has been to Monster high, Sonic, candy Crush, and other universes trying to learn and find who she is.

Selfie time with just some Photoshop help. Mostly to make the pic clearer and better quality from in my weirdly light room.

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Selfie time with just some Photoshop help. Mostly to make the pic clearer and better quality from in my weirdly light room.

Anonymous: Most annoying girl: Blondie Cupid Apple Raven Cerise Cedar Lizzie Maddie Other....

Maddie… Kidding she’s a sweetheart and just as crazy as me.. I would say Lizzie but she’s more of a take control not gonna give you control figure.. So briar because it annoys me that she doesn’t get good time for character development or anything.. Plus she falls asleep a lot sea better than just the sleeping character

Anonymous: Aren't u......


Anonymous: U r vry Taylor swift

I’m sorry is that a bad thing

Anonymous: What is ur crushes name? I probably won't know who the heck It is


Anonymous: Masterbate?

Uhh no..

Anonymous: You're sooooooooo pretty

Thank you :)

Anonymous: U me mak hour luv in bed

No… I’m probably gonna have a boyfriend soon… Probably maybe..idk

Anonymous: Hi


Reblog If You’re An RP Blog That Genuinely Doesn’t Mind RPing With Anyone

Because no jokes, I really want to follow you and RP with you all but I’m just like nobody wants to RP with me ;A;


Haven’t got any new followers

Lost ones though back to 560… Oh well..

Anonymous: are you a sophomore.

Nope I’m a freshman

Reblog if you’d care if ANYONE would commit suicide

Anonymous: Do you like to read? If so what's you favourite genre and favourite book?

I love reading I just don’t do it a lot anymore.. I love science fiction books and my fav is Divergent.. Or Hunger games.. I wanna read The Fault in our stars though

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